Project with Marseglia Group!

The project of the Castle of Lezha is a culture-heritage investment that involves
the renovation of this medieval castle through a 20-year concession.
Dardania Resort is the first condominium resort with European standards
in the coastline of Albania.

Since 2000, Schnell LLC, as a local partner, has been working in developing projects transforming Albania’s landscape. We are at the forefront of major projects throughout the country offering to the investors a complete collaboration.

To invest in Albania, first of all, every investor needs a local partner company to collaborate with. That’s why we are here for!

We prepare everything from the beginning to the end of the project:

  • Locate the land and negotiate the best terms
  • Complete the executive project along with the urban study
    • The complete practice concerning Albania law
    • Getting all licenses
    • Co-builder of the project 
    • Marketing
    • Tender Process
    • Lobbying

Advantages of investing in Albania:

    • Proximity to European markets
    • Ease of obtaining licenses and permits
    • Special law for encouragement and protection of foreign invesments
    • Low income tax of 15%
    • Ease of creating an entity or company (24 hours)
    • European banking standards and easy transfers
    • Inexpensive and qualified labor
    • Low electricity cost
    • Low real estate taxes
    • Relatively low coastline prices of land
    • Ease of entry in various undeveloped industries

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