Project with Marseglia Group!

The project of the Castle of Lezha is a culture-heritage investment that involves
the renovation of this medieval castle through a 20-year concession.
Dardania Resort is the first condominium resort with European standards
in the coastline of Albania.

The realization of projects follows the path
of the tourists and immigrants; the increasing market. The new agreement
of cooperation recently signed between Schnell Ltd and Samawell Transworld
Investments Ltd will open up a new
perspective in the real estate market in Albania.

Since 2015 we started heading Chinese state companies doing business in western Balkans. The collaboration between them and Italian companies which operate in civil engineering and energy projects is the best thing to do.

We are lobbying to remove the double income tax between Albania and other important countries, to change some government rules in agriculture field which will create new opportunities for big investors here.

Since 2016 we started agriculture projects development heading Chinese companies investing here.

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